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___________________________________ Tackle Reflux disease early so that you don't have to tackle its complications later!

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This is a charity committed to educating the general public regarding the problems of Reflux disease.

People education campaign organised by CARD charity at Doncaster Frenchgate shopping centre on 25th of February 2017

Doncaster event photoDoncaster event photo

Heartburn Hurts Reflux problems (Heartburn) affect nearly 9.5 million people in the UK (about 20% of the adult population).

It not only vitiates their quality of life leading to absenteeism but also to presenteeism costing the NHS in the range of £ 750 million per annum.

At one end it leads to oesophageal adenocarcinoma which is the fastest rising cancer in the western world (it has risen 6 times in the last 20 years ) while on the other it leads to extra oesophageal problems like asthma, dry cough, sinusitis, dental erosions & lung fibrosis.

However the general public is blissfully unaware of this problem and tends to view it as part of normal life.

The public, therefore, needs to be educated.

Hence a Charity called CARD (Campaign Against Reflux Disease) was set up in June 2010 by Dr. Pulak Sahay, who is a Consultant Gastroenterologist in the NHS & was Senior Lecturer of Medicine at Leeds University.

The sole mission of CARD is to spread education amongst the Lay population about the banes of Reflux disease.

The need is to devise a strategy to promote public health education targeting the common man so that the base of this "mega pyramid of Heartburn" is attacked so that it prevents the onslaught of this serious disease.

The aim is to promote "Wellness" as opposed to treating "Illness"!!

With this in mind a "People education campaign" by CARD was organised at Doncaster Frenchgate shopping centre on 25th of February 2017.

There will be more such education workshops throughout Yorkshire and beyond in times to come.

Dr. Pulak Sahay, Founder- Chairperson of CARD

Launched on: 23rd April 2010
The launch took place at the Hull Truck Theatre on the last day of the International Conference of Reflux disease.